Covid-19 Entry Requirements To Ghana

Local Regulations

Restaurants are operating with appropriate social distancing precautions. Conferences, workshops, weddings, and private burials are permitted with a maximum attendance of 100 persons. Religious services may operate at full capacity for up to two hours per service. Large sporting events, political rallies, and festivals are suspended until further notice. Nightclubs, bars, beaches, and cinemas must also remain closed until further notice. Open-air drinking establishments and Ghana’s national tourists sites/attractions are open. Domestic airplanes, taxis, and buses are permitted to operate at full capacity and the use of masks is required.
Sources of information: U.S. Embassy website (covid 19 travel to ghana) (.covid 19 entry to ghana)

Will I Be Quarantine?

The quarantine requirement in force has been removed, except for those who will test positive for Corona virus (COVID-19) upon arrival who will undergo isolation at a designated health facility or isolation center for seven days. NB: covid 19 entry to ghana

Negative Covid-19 Results

Passengers traveling to Ghana must have a medical certificate with a negative result in Corona virus (COVID-19) PCR test issued at most 72 hours before departure from the first embarkation point. This does not apply to children under 5 years old or to airline crews.
Travelers to Ghana are subject to a medical screening, including temperature checks, at the gate prior to boarding and upon arrival into Ghana. Passengers must not show symptoms of COVID-19, in particular have a temperature above 38 °. covid 19 travel to ghana

Sources of information:
IATA Website
U.S. Embassy website

Arrival Testing & Payment

All passengers must have a payment confirmation to take a COVID-19 test, at the passenger’s expense (US $ 150) upon arrival at the airport in Ghana, made at My Frontier Healthcare website. All passengers must provide proof that this arrival test has been paid for in advance of departure. This will be checked prior to boarding the flight. This does not apply to children under 5 years old or to airline crews. NB: covid 19 travel to ghana

Pay For Arrival Test Here

Departure Testing & Payment

All passengers must be tested before departure from Ghana. Our team will ensure and set a testing appointment for all our travelers to get tested. The current testing fees at a local hospital is currently at $75-$80 for two days results and $90 for next day results.

Health Declaration Form

You will need to fill out and submit your health declaration form prior departure.
Sources of information: NB: covid 19 travel to ghana
IATA Website
U.S. Embassy website

Fill Form Here

Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Covid-19 travel insurance is not required to travel to Ghana, but we highly recommend you apply for a travel insurance that covers covid-19 travel. We can recommend a few Travel Insurance companies that covers Covid-19 Travel.

Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required in public. Not wearing a face covering in public could result in a fine of 12,000 to 60,000 cedis (US $ 2,000 to 10,000), and/or a prison sentence of four to ten years.
All passengers should wear a face-mask throughout their flight and upon landing in Accra.

Sources of information: NB: covid 19 entry to ghana
U.S. Embassy website
Ministerial directive on wearing masks in Public Places

Social Distancing

Observe social distancing and avoid handshaking.
Source of information: NB: covid 19 travel to ghana

COVID-19 information website

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